future fiction
'The Numinous Place' is the world's first truly multidimensional work of fiction - technology and creativity merge harmoniously to create a uniquely experiential new medium.

Every aspect of 'The Numinous Place' feels chillingly authentic...

From realistic news reports and video to genuine documents, articles, diagrams, photographs, websites and phone calls; readers will believe they are witnessing actual events unfold, as they immerse themselves in a discovery that will change the world forever.

And, the powerful narrative moves beyond the screen into the real-world and beyond with an interactive element that has only ever been dreamt of before.

Hold onto your seats and open your mind: the book just evolved.

"When you look at the current crop of 'enhanced e-books' they're really just enhanced with extras similar to what you get on a DVD. Brandwidth's technical and design skills move TNP light years ahead of the rest of the pack."

"My name is Henry Amadeus Meat, and in spite of that lifelong affliction, I am also the bearer of information which will change your world forever. And, to get this information, I'm going to take you on a journey to the other side of another world completely."

"Most of those other scientists didn't even think Bartok's science was a science at all. It was as if some weirdo moved in next door to NASA and started building flying machines from blueprints left by Leonardo Da Vinci and received a bigger budget from Congress."

"The first thing you notice is her eyes. Or rather, if you're me, the first thing you notice is April Miyazaki's eyes. You might notice her breasts or her skin or her legs or her ears or her hair or her butt or her philtrum because she carries around sensational versions of all those things as well. For me though, it was always those goddamn chartreuse-colored peepers."

"The Bartok Sleep Research Clinic is run like an even more covert version of Iran's nuclear program, and I feel like an inspector from the IAEA, not just because of the suffocating level of security, but also because I have the distinct impression they're not showing me everything they should be."

"Take a dream you can remember and then compare the memory of it with any mundane incident that has occurred to you in the last 24 hours. See? There's no difference-the detail is the same in both memories of a dream and of a wakeful event when you use hindsight."

"Here, they're closing in on all of us because they don't want you to know the truth… The truth about who you really are.The truth about where you've come from, and how to get back. The truth of who you can become again."

"You'd think those words would have been the giveaway that it was my funeral, even so, I didn't realize it was me in the open casket until a young woman looked over the edge and stared down at me."

"They're combining her religion with his technology. They're using black magic to launch into the dreamspace and they're gaining converts at the same time.”

"'They were all imposters,' April announced with an expression that suggested Bartok knew about her power, and had chosen to test it in a most disrespectful fashion. Like if Lex Luther concealed himself inside a speeding locomotive on the other side of a tall building and dared Superman to try and catch him."

The Creator: Mark Staufer

The Curator: Mark Staufer

Creator, writer, director MARK ANDREW STAUFER calls THE NUMINOUS PLACE his "destiny project."

STAUFER, a former New Zealander who now makes his home in Los Angeles after stints in Australia, the UK and Europe, says he has been gestating the project for nearly a decade.

Mark is former Head of Production at Universal Studios Networks in London, while working on TNP he has written, amongst other things, a screenplay about legendary comedian Bill Hicks for Oscar winner Russell Crowe, who described Staufer in industry bible Variety as ‘a most talented writer.'

"The Numinous Place is a supernatural thriller like no other and this new medium of the future - merging all media seamlessly to tell a great story - is the perfect place to begin the TNP franchise."


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